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I am very very very big star

Love my @eos on the go - the great scents are a total treat!

Ain't no other fans... Thank you Malaysia for all the love & support! XoXtina

I'll always look back on great memories of my time spent in Malaysia...love to you always...my heart remains with you.

Birthday week for the birthday boy- Lots of love & blessings to celebrate!

Adele and J

Ladies night out…Love my girls!

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Obrigada to my Brazilian fans who made this!! Thank you for sharing the love! #LetThereBeLove

#TeamLittleGirlsWithBigVoices before show w/ Jacquie Lee. #TheVoice

He asked and I said……

Cheers from one dirrty girl to the next Miley Cyrus ...wear em' loud & proud, girl- yes!!